Stirling HypnoBirthing® Mum

HypnoBirthing® classes in the comfort of your own home.

What is HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing® is a complete birth education programme that teaches simple but specific self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth.

With HypnoBirthing®, you’ll discover that severe pain does NOT have to be an accompaniment of labour.

You’ll learn how to release the fears and anxieties you may currently have about giving birth, and how to overcome previous traumatic births.

HypnoBirthing® lets you discover and experience the joy and magic of birth — rather than the horrific ordeal everyone else seems hell-bent on telling you about.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to put yourself back in control of your birth — rather than blindly turning your birthing experience over to your doctor or midwife.

HypnoBirthing® doesn’t mean you’ll be in a trance or a sleep. Rather, you’ll be able to chat, and be and in good spirits - totally relaxed, but fully in control. You’ll always be aware of what is happening to you, and around you.

HypnoBirthing® doesn’t require any particular belief system, or prior experience. Some of our mums (and especially their husbands/partners!) have been very sceptical at first — until they experience it for themselves.

HypnoBirthing® allows you to experience birth in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear and tension that prevents the birthing muscles of your body from functioning as Nature intended them to.

For more information see HypnoBirthing® UK website and the HypnoBirthing® YouTube channel.

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Why HypnoBirthing®?

Hypnobirthing® will teach you a form of deep relaxation to use throughout your labour and birth. It will help you to feel in control of your labour and birth, and you will remain calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. You will learn how to work with your body to birth your baby in the way nature intended.

Who am I?

I am a mum of three young children.

When I had my first child I hadn’t even heard of HypnoBirthing®, and after a fairly traumatic birth I decided I didn’t want the same sort of experience for any subsequent births.

My second and third babies were both born using HypnoBirthing® techniques, and they were both amazing experiences.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed labour and birth, and it’s not often that you hear mum’s say that! After having such wonderful births I decided that I would like to teach HypnoBirthing® to other mums-to-be so that they can have the same sort of experience as me.

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What I offer?

I am the only HypnoBirthing® mum in the Stirling area…I know from my own experience how HypnoBirthing® can change the way you birth your baby.

I can use my experiences to help you have the birth of your dreams…I know I did!

I offer HypnoBirthing® classes in the comfort of your own home. You will feel comfortable and relaxed in your own surroundings, the perfect setting for me to teach you the techniques you will need to be able to HypnoBirth your baby.

The course is held over five weekly sessions with each session lasting 2.5hrs. It is advisable to start the course somewhere between 25-30 weeks, as the success of the course is strongly linked to how much practice you do. However, provided you can finish the course before you give birth, it's still going to help.

The cost of the course is £300 per couple and this includes all course materials. I am completely flexible around times of the classes, these can be arranged at a time most suited to you (evenings & weekends).